Update: 09/01/2013
Of their traditional cuisine of the island dragon
Soak up the atmosphere with entertainment area, tennis court, swimming pool, or simply enjoy the natural poetic quiet, and with Tastes won for the people playing gourmet or moremore. All those things, you coming to the Royal will fully enjoy.
Is designed in the style of Folk - Modern of Kinh Bac then and now. From the floor system, long to play for Vip is built with 100% wood and ancient tile roof. The four sides were covered with trees and lake front is always refreshing. So fresh air is always cool even on hot summer. Struggling to ease away the fatigue life.

What is more ideal that does not stop at this place to rest, relax with a relaxed soul to then start the new day.

The day is that, even at night? You will still be convinced, by the space at night under the lights become more sparkling, more loving. No time deposits, time deposits, no noise of traffic along the road. It is an ideal place for rest.

Panorama Hotel Royal and Dragon Island Cuisine is a block booking system, view from Royal hotel away massive show boldly and firmly. Nearly as large dining demonstrate sustainability.

Moreover, with a capacity of 150-250 guests, you can hold the party in the formal dining hut, hut floors, long. You can enjoy the lively atmosphere by the party, or the Gala Dinner, Buffet outdoors but no less romantic.

Coming to zone Cuisine traditional Quan Rong Island, you also have the opportunity to enjoy good food, fancy from a lot of places with different styles depending on your requirements, especially the food from Laos.

Not just stop there, Our Royal Hotel Bac Ninh is in Bac Ninh home country Quan - the intangible cultural heritage in the world - should come here, you also enjoy folk songs of their smoother through the expression of the joint he sisters Kinh Bac "Oh people do not" please style to please the guests.

Same style friendly service and professional hotel staff hope to make you happy. And of course highly acclaimed hotel will welcome you in the next vacation, special Royal guests to really treat this place as a friend, we follow that there are also grateful in response to the trust from customers. And devoted more to help you have a comfortable stay complete.

With a professional staff to serve the Royal Hotel Bac Ninh hope to bring satisfaction to you!
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